Akiko Dykhuizen

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAAkiko began her personal practice and study of yoga in 2003 after she moved from Japan. She completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and has been teaching various styles of yoga since 2009. Her classes emphasize alignment, balance, a gentle approach for increasing body awareness, and safe and sustainable practice for all.

Contact Akiko at akikodyk@gmail.com

“Akiko has a sweet and welcoming personality which translates into a warm and friendly class environment.  She demonstrates and describes each pose clearly – and helps us modify poses to fit our bodies. I leave every class feeling refreshed and know that the time I spent in each pose was doing good for both my body and spirit.
Thank you, Akiko!” — Hedi A

“Akiko’s cheerful teaching style, graceful energy and focused instruction are what have kept me returning to her yoga classes for over six years. Her careful explanations and demonstrations ensure the safety and comfort of her students.”

“Akiko encourages us to move at our own pace, always challenging us to take a pose a bit farther with each new breath. Conscious breathing is a key element in Akiko’s yoga instruction.”

“I love Akiko’s, “Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing” guidance during our practice. It’s all about individual growth-and for me it’s been a joyful body, heart & mind growth-filled experience!  Thanks, Akiko!!”  — Jeannie D.